Tiverton Psychological Services was established in 1990 by Dr. Dorothy Brown and Dr. Anne Davidge with a focus on treating children and families. Dr. Davidge brought experience and expertise from primarily outpatient clinic experience while Dr. Brown had a number of years experience in the school setting.  Initially the practice was part time for both and grew to a full time practice. Dr. Dennis Rog joined the practice in 1993 complementing services already provided, adding expertise in couples/relationship issues and geriatrics with a background including outpatient experience and inpatient psychiatric and medical populations.

As a practice, comprehensive psychological assessment and treatment is provided for children, adults and families. Areas of expertise include ADHD, anxiety disorders, depression and other mood disorders, issues related to divorce, life adjustment issues, family therapy, psychological testing, grief therapy, medically related issues, school related issues and issues related to military involvement. (Evaluations for disabilities, court ordered assessments and workman’s compensation are not typically part of our services).

We work collaboratively with others as requested by our patients, including schools, treating physicians and other treatment providers. We often work as a team to address the individual needs of different family members with the goal of helping the family system to function in a healthier way. For example, this approach can be very helpful for families trying to resolve marital issues while protecting the best interest of the children.

In addition, we consult with one another to tap the expertise of each individual provider in the practice.